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Reserve: A super woman’s superfruit fuel

The modern-day woman is both a marvel and a mystery, much like the super heroine in the blockbuster film “Wonder Woman.” While we can’t all be Amazonian princesses with god-like powers, we can save the world — or at least our little corner of it — by fueling our bodies with powerful superfruits. Continue reading “Reserve: A super woman’s superfruit fuel”

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6 Quick Stress Relief Practices

blog_6_quick_stress_relief_practices_small_en-USStress is a natural part of life. Sometimes stress can be healthy if it motivates you to get in gear and accomplish the important things in life. However, when stress becomes a chronic problem, it can start to cause serious health issues. Regular self-care is key to managing stress and maintaining a healthy, happy life.

But what if you find yourself stressed and you don’t have time to drop what you’re doing to schedule a massage, hit the yoga mat or even take a nap? That’s where quick stress relievers come in handy. Here are our six favorite quick stress relief practices that require just 5–10 minutes to start feeling the results.

1. Breathe Deep
Studies have shown that deep breathing exercises lower cortisol and can even lower your blood pressure temporarily. And it only takes a few minutes to feel the effects. One of our favorites is Sama Vritti or equal breathing. Simply sit comfortably, eyes closed and inhale for four slow counts. Then exhale for four slow counts. Doing this for a few minutes is a great way to get calm and centered.

2. Write It Down
Sometimes you’ve just got to get those stressed feelings out. A great way to do this is some quick journaling. Writing about your feelings can feel almost meditative and can help you see problems from a different angle. On the flip side, you could try writing a list of things that make you happy or that you’re grateful for to help put stressors in perspective.

3. Turn On Tunes
Music has the power to greatly affect our mood, whether it’s pumping us up or calming us down. Research shows music can help relieve stress in a number of ways, including triggering biochemical stress reducers. It doesn’t matter if it’s classical music, rock music or something in between. Just pick music you love and enjoy.

4. Take A Whiff
The olfactory bulb is part of the brain’s limbic system. Sometimes called the “emotional brain,” it can greatly affect how we feel. This could be why studies have shown that certain smells, such as lavender, can help reduce stress levels. Try diffusing essential oils like lavender or tea tree, or simply place a drop into your palm and inhale to get the stress-relieving benefits.

5. Get Moving When your shoulders are up around your ears and you’re feeling overwhelmed, step away and take a short walk. Physical activity is a known stress reducer, so it’s no surprise that a quick stroll is a great way to rebalance your brain and take a breather. If it’s a nice day outside, get some fresh air and let the sun do its part to lift your spirits even further.

6. Wake Happy, Sleep RestfullyIcon_AM_PM_Essentials
Get on top of stress before it gets on top of you. Start with getting the right amount of sleep and sticking to a daily vitamin regimen like AM & PM Essentials™. These innovative formulas contain essential vitamins and key minerals to help you begin and end the day on the right foot. When used in conjunction with the quick self-care tactics listed above, relieving stress is a no-brainer. (JeunesseGlobal).


Celebrate World Health Day with the Jeunesse Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System®

celebrate_world_health_day_with_the_jeunesse_y_e_s__youth_enhancement_system__small_en-USHappy World Health Day! Founded by the World Health Organization (WHO), World Health Day is celebrated every April 7, on the anniversary of the organization’s establishment in 1948. This anniversary is not only an opportunity to celebrate the organization and its work, but also to highlight a current global health priority. Continue reading “Celebrate World Health Day with the Jeunesse Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System®”

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Jeunesse Named Official Wellness Products Provider of USPTA

USPTA_Jeunesse_GlobalThe United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) has selected Jeunesse as its Official Nutritional and Wellness Products Provider. The exciting partnership came about through an agreement with Independent Jeunesse Distributor, Jay Lewandowski of Athletic Advantage Consulting.

Founded in 1927, the USPTA is the global leader in tennis-teacher certification and professional development. With more than 15,000 members worldwide, the association raises the standards of tennis-teaching professionals and coaches and promotes a greater awareness of the sport.

USPTA members are elite level professionals who work full time in the tennis industry. The association strives to deliver the highest level of educational tools and programs and enhance the livelihoods of its members while creating career opportunities within the tennis industry and promoting the sport of tennis.

The association aligned with Jeunesse as an Independent Distributor in order to make available high quality products that will add value to the services provided by their tennis professionals, help optimize client results, and offer an additional source of income. “By partnering with Jeunesse, USPTA is able to expand the resources that we offer our members,” said USPTA CEO John Embree. “Jeunesse provides our members the opportunity to build a residual income to help support their families while making a contribution to their financial future.”

Jeunesse is honored to be an official provider of wellness products for the USPTA and enthusiastically welcomes the organization and it’s professional members to our global family.

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