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Bagaimana Resveratrol Meningkatkan Imunitas

Dunia sedang dalam cengkeraman pandemi Covid-19. Ini bukan pandemi pertama dan bisa jadi bukan pandemi terakhir yang menginfeksi dunia. Dulu ada Flu Spanyol pada tahun 1918-1919, Flu Asia pada tahun 1957-1958, Flu Hong Kong pada tahun 1968-1969 dan Flu Babi pada tahun 1976. Semua pandemi ini dipicu oleh virus variasi dari virus influenza. 

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Dr. Giampapa’s personal tips for cell health

We all want our cells to age well. It’s easy math: Healthy cells = longer life. Dr. Vincent Giampapa, a board-certified physician, Nobel Prize nominee and member of the Jeunesse Scientific Advisory Board, has dedicated his career to the study and practice of preventative medicine. Passionate about empowering people to look, live and feel young, Dr. Giampapa partnered with Jeunesse to create AM & PM Essentials, two supplements formulated for cell health. Continue reading “Dr. Giampapa’s personal tips for cell health”

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Healthy Heart, Essential Key to Better Longer Life

It’s American Heart Month. With heart disease being the leading cause of death in the U.S. – at 165 deaths per 100,000 individuals in 2017, roughly one in every four deaths – February is an important month for raising awareness about how to prevent this leading killer of Americans.
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Reserve™ and World Heart Day: ‘Heartfelt’ inspiration

Good heart health is at the heart of all health.—World Heart Federation. These are simple yet profound words to live by, considering cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the No. 1 cause of death globally. In the spirit of living young and supporting overall wellness, we at Jeunesse proudly celebrated World Heart Day on Saturday, Sept. 29. 

Founded in 2000, World Heart Day — and initiative of the World Heart Federation — is a global campaign during which individuals, families, communities and governments around the world participate in activities that support our own wellness and that of others. This day of recognition is the largest, most vital platform for raising awareness about CVD, which includes heart disease and stroke. 

As a global company with a worldwide network of Distributors, we believe in both the WHF mission and the importance of incorporating healthy habits into your everyday routine, including:

  • Cooking and eating foods rich in antioxidants
  • Being active every day
  • Saying no to smoking
Another way to show your heart some love and support your healthfulness is with Reserve™. This delicious blend of five superfruits – açai berry, pomegranate, dark cherry, Concord grape and blueberry – is combined withheart-friendly resveratrol, aloe vera, green tea and grape seed extracts to deliver the antioxidant protection your body needs.
As we celebrate both World Heart Day and the launch of the new look of Reserve™, we want to help you feel great every day, so you can enjoy your life to the fullest.