It is very easy to become a Jeunesse member / distributor and start a global business from your gadget.  First, you just have to fill the online Jeunesse Global Application form. During the registration process you will:

  1. Fill personal data: name, email, mobile number,  shipping address, date of birth, etc. Prepare also a unique username (in the form: Main site url) to access your personal Jeunesse website once it is activated,
  2. Choose a membership product package. Package content and price may slightly vary among countries. For serious business partner, we do encourage to choose at least Jumbo Package or Ambassador Package because of the big saving in price and long-term of Sapphire level privilege. Details of package contents can be checked before selection,
  3. Payment with Credit Card. Payment with transfer (cash) is also available in several countries.

Your official personal Jeunesse web will be active after payment. The web would be:, equipped with an online store and back office management support to help you expand your business, from your gadget.

Please click the online registration form to check Jeunesse membership packages available in your region.

See you at the many Jeunesse events and international trips …