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Jeunesse Donates $500,000 USD to COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO


As the world faces the unprecedented health challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jeunesse aims to make a positive impact, knowing that no one can fight the pandemic alone. Continue reading “Jeunesse Donates $500,000 USD to COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO”


The scientist behind the science of RevitaBlū

Have you ever wondered how our unique, award-winning products come to be? Jeunesse is fortunate to work with a group of renowned doctors and scientists who make up our Jeunesse Scientific Advisory Board. Each member brings their own area of expertise and knowledge to the table. Collectively, they support the development, formulation, innovation and testing of each Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System™ product.

Meet Christian Drapeau, MSC.

Christian Drapeau, MSc., joined the Jeunesse Scientific Advisory Board in 2018, as we launched our refreshing dietary supplement RevitaBlū. He is a stem cell specialist and author who has achieved global recognition for his work in plant-based stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Along with his acclaim as a wellness product innovator, Christian has worked hand in hand with network marketing companies for some time.

“Why did I partner with Jeunesse? Simply because they care about people like I do,” Christian says. “And they have the heart to leave this world a better place, like I do.”

A better place starts with a premium product with exceptional, globally sourced ingredients.

RevitaBlū: Your Best You

RevitaBlū is a blend of blue-green algae, sea buckthorn berry and aloe vera with coconut water powder. It’s a surprisingly refreshing dietary supplement that tastes as great as it works.


  • Formulated by a pioneer in stem cell research
  • Proprietary formula with plant-based ingredients
  • Helps nourish and support your body*
  • Individual stick packets that are easy to share


Blue-green algae
Sourced from Oregon’s pristine Upper Klamath Lake, blue-green algae is world-renowned as one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Sometimes called “Earth’s first food,” blue-green algae or Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) is regarded as one of the most ancient of all living organisms, exclusively found in freshwater lakes.*

Sea buckthorn berry
Native to the Tibetan Plateau, sea buckthorn is a tart, orange berry packed with antioxidants, and has been used for more than 1,300 years. Sea buckthorn belongs to the botanical genus hippophae. Translated from Latin, hippophae means “shining horse,” a nod to the legends who spoke of the plant’s revitalizing effects.

Aloe vera
Grown in tropical climates around the globe, aloe vera has been used for almost 6,000 years for its wellness benefits. In ancient Egypt, aloe was known as the “plant of eternity,” while Mayans christened the juice of aloe as the “Fountain of Youth.”*

Combined in our exclusive formula, these sought-after, plant-based ingredients help nourish and support your body. Built on science, RevitaBlū can invigorate your lifestyle from the inside out.

Get more info about RevitaBlu here.


Master your bucket list with Reserve

If you’ve ever taken a dream vacation, these are likely the responses you’ll get from pictures of you in the Swiss Alps, on a gondola ride in Venice or drinking margaritas on the beach. If you are like most people, those bucket list dreams remain things to do in the future … until now. With a little help from Reserve™, here are five tips for moving items off your bucket list and onto your “I did it” list.

1. Share your dream. Telling someone about your goal not only lets you share excitement, but also adds accountability, so you are more likely to follow through.
2. Plan today = fun tomorrow. It’s the little things that add up to a memorable experience. By doing research today, you can maximize your trip and budget, especially if you have your eye on that castle tour, zipline ride or first class ticket.
3. Create a visual reminder. Write down the exact date you want to complete your bucket list item and post it in a public place (refrigerator, mirror, calendar). Be realistic with your deadline and actively work toward it.
4. Keep your eye on the prize. Goals can take time to achieve. To keep the dream alive, reward yourself along the way. Little things like shopping for cruise clothes, making homemade gelato or seeing a foreign film can speed up the wait time.
5. Prepare your body. Traveling can take its toll. Start preparing your body by getting your daily dose of goodness with Reserve. This tasty supplement contains five superfruits and is boosted with heart-healthy resveratrol, aloe and green tea.

Reserve’s unique benefits of Resveratrol and superfruits in it can help you achieve all the must-do’s on your bucket list. Whether you’re looking to fill up your passport, run a marathon, learn a new language or finally master those pesky chopsticks, Reserve can help you every step of the way. Remember, it’s never too late to create a bucket list of dreams!

Read more about RESERVE here, and realize your dreams…


Network Marketing: A Future Within Reach

jeunesse_blog_network_marketing__a_future_within_reachUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly seen the rise of business solicitations on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. As you scroll through your newsfeeds, you may find posts and photos with phrases such as, “Join me” or, “Who wants to try?” or, “I’m hosting a party, who’s in?” Continue reading “Network Marketing: A Future Within Reach”


Direct Sales is Skyrocketing and Helping Moms Make Money

Jeunesse_direct_sales_is_skyrocketing_and_helping_moms_make_money_small_en-USThe digital age is reshaping our world, and more and more people are noticing that direct selling, a $30 billion-plus industry in the U.S., is providing viable employment opportunities. And with the continuous rise of social media, moms have the chance to build a business right from their home. Continue reading “Direct Sales is Skyrocketing and Helping Moms Make Money”


Celebrate World Health Day with the Jeunesse Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System®

celebrate_world_health_day_with_the_jeunesse_y_e_s__youth_enhancement_system__small_en-USHappy World Health Day! Founded by the World Health Organization (WHO), World Health Day is celebrated every April 7, on the anniversary of the organization’s establishment in 1948. This anniversary is not only an opportunity to celebrate the organization and its work, but also to highlight a current global health priority. Continue reading “Celebrate World Health Day with the Jeunesse Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System®”