Campden Wealth: Jeunesse Global Topped the World’s 75 Fastest Growing Mid-Sized Family Businesses

Jeunesse founders: Randy Ray, Wendy Lewis, Scott Lewis

Mid-sized family businesses make a massive contribution to global employment with retail, food, and beverage all being key sectors. More than 50% of the top 75 ranked family businesses operate in four or more regions, demonstrating the truly global nature of these companies. Infrastructure and urban development also feature heavily, although technology companies are under-represented. The top 10 family businesses have all had three year growth over 20%.

Campden Wealth, the global research and networking organisation for families of substantial wealth, reveals the power of the next generation and family businesses’ secrets of success in its new report released today titled, The Top 75 Fastest Growing Mid-Sized Family Businesses.

The report, developed and published with support from the global investment firm KKR, provides a ranking of the fastest growing mid-sized family businesses from around the world according to revenue and growth. It also includes qualitative research and analysis regarding the nature of family businesses, their plans for the future and their tackling of governance issues, along with insights about financing businesses for future growth.

The report identifies common themes across the businesses on the list, and analyses what makes them so successful. To serve as an in-depth resource for families to benchmark their best practices and protocols, the report includes feature interviews with leading executives who offer first-person accounts of their experiences growing their family businesses across the generations.

Fast facts you need to know:

· Nearly three-fifths, 59%, of the top 75 fastest growing mid-sized family businesses are headquartered in Europe, 22% in North America, 10% in Latin America and 9% in Asia-Pacific.

· Retail, consumer goods, and lifestyle (27%), agriculture, food, and beverage (20%), and manufacturing (20%) are the most common industries the top 75 family businesses operate in.

· A global footprint – the majority of firms (51%) operate in either four, five or six regions.

· Technology-based family businesses remain scarce, with less than 3% of the top 75 businesses operating in this space.

· Private equity can play a key role in family businesses: when generational succession breeds opportunity; when family offices come into play offering alternative forms of financing; and within family businesses that have aspirations for growth beyond their current capabilities.

· The age of a company is not a barrier for growth. The businesses that made the list range from nine years old (Jeunesse Global Holdings, LLC in the United States) to 338 years old (Swinkels Family Brewers N.V. in the Netherlands).

· The 25 oldest family businesses all emanate from Europe.

· Succession is a key consideration – more than 80% of the companies in the Top 75 list have the second generation or later working in them. But, making room for successive generations can be a challenge, thus highlighting the need for governance and succession planning.

· More than half of the top 75 businesses employ at least 10,000 people.

“Understanding the unique characteristics and attributes seen among the fastest growing family businesses around the world can inspire families and generations to have meaningful dialogue about the future of their enterprises.”

“Family businesses thrive when given dedicated attention to differentiation, growth strategy, and governance by its leadership and the insights in this report provide the under-the-hood look into what makes some of the fastest-growing businesses in the world so successful.” Dr. Rebecca Gooch, director of research at Campden Wealth, said.

The top 10 of the fastest growing mid sized family business 2018 are as follows:

  1. Jeunesse Global, USA
  2. Eicher, India
  3. Grupo Antolin-Irausa SA, Spain
  4. Robertson Group (Holdings) Ltd, UK
  5. Marshall Motor Holdings plc, UK
  6. M.A. Mortenson Companies, Inc, UK
  7. IMA Industria Macchine Automatiche, Italy
  8. Bestway (Holdings) Ltd
  9. M/I Schottenstein Homes
  10. Molinos Rio de la Plata

Full result can be viewed here.

Jim Burns, head of EMEA client and partner group and head of individual investor business at KKR, said: “Financing growth in family businesses can be done in a myriad of ways, so it is important for families to understand what options are available as they develop their plans for the future of the business..

“Private equity, in particular, can play a key role during generational successions, when aspiring to grow beyond a company’s current capabilities, or even in working with family offices to manage wealth generated from the business.” (,


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