Zen Bodi

Five Ways to Kick-start Your Metabolism

Whatever your health goals, Zen Project 8 is for you! Our all-inclusive system helps you transform your body with regular exercise and the right nutrition. But when it comes to slimming down, there is one word that gets thrown around more than a beach ball at graduation: Metabolism. As important as diet and exercise are, when you eat and workout can have a drastic effect on how well you burn calories. So, if you want to shave off a few extra pounds, here are a few simple ways to keep your metabolism running in high gear.

Eat more often
Eating more isn’t usually synonymous with weight loss, but we aren’t suggesting you increase your caloric intake. Instead, divide it more evenly throughout the day. We call it “PFC Every 3.” Simply eat a balanced measure of protein, carbs and fat every three hours. This will fire up your metabolism and tell your body to burn calories instead of saving them for a rainy day.

Get fidgety
Completing your 10,000 steps each day is important, but even a small amount of motion can make a big difference. Nervous habits like finger-drumming and knee-bouncing can burn up to 500 more calories daily. That’s a pound a week.

Drink up
We aren’t inviting you to go out and party. Simply increase your fluid intake. Water is your best bet, but milk and juice count, too. When you hydrate, your metabolism increases within 10 minutes and remains high for about half an hour. Make sure your drink is cold though — you’ll lose extra calories as your body works to warm the liquid.

Consume more protein
Eating more protein can help you burn more calories while relaxing, and that prevents your resting metabolism from slowing down as you lose weight. Ensure that 20 percent of your overall caloric intake is protein, to keep your metabolism going strong.

Add a little extra ‘oomph’ to your workout
Seriously, it doesn’t take much. Swing your arms, use walking poles or stay on the grass. These small changes make more than a little difference, causing your body to burn between 5 and 10 percent more calories.

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