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The Secret Behind Jeunesse Success in Australia

Thousands of Australians recently attended Jeunesse’ First Anniversary celebration in Sydney.

JEUNESSE Global Australia, a skincare and wellness products brand, has just seen a record $13 million month of sales across its existing markets of Australia, New Zealand and Fiji – and it credits rapid success to its ‘family’ approach to network marketing.

Since it launched Australasian operations in 2012, Jeunesse Global Australia has attracted more than 46,000 distributors for its wellness, skincare and anti-ageing products, and amassed an 884 percent revenue increase over four years.

Network marketing is not new to the skincare products industry, with some of the world’s most successful brands such as Mary Kay and Avon having been built this way.

But Jeunesse Global Australia general manager, Rachel McVinish said Jeneusse had adapted the model to suit modern society and modern aspirations.

Ms McVinish attributed the fast growth in this region to brand connection, incentives and an increase in distributor sign ups due to the flexible lifestyle the Jeneusse brand offered.

JEUNESSE General Manager of Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, Rachel McVinish


“Jeunesse provides an incredible business opportunity that combines a passion for quality product with a growing need for flexibility and freedom to earn an income,” Ms McVinish said.

“You simply cannot sustain a business without a quality product, so this is paramount to our success. But it’s our brand loyalty, promotions and increasing distributor base that is making Jeunesse stand out from other networking marketing options.

“Every day mums, dads, professionals, students and retirees are earning a solid income for their efforts, and that results in satisfied customers.”

In February this year, she said, the company recorded a 296 percent year on year growth, bringing the month’s sales to $13 million. That was up $10 million on its $3 million revenue declared in February 2016.

Ms McVinish said the growth would continue for the skincare brand, with the introduction of ZEN Project 8 to the product range earlier this year.

She said the eight-week weight management program developed by US nutrition and fitness expert, Mark Macdonald, complemented the brand’s current supplement range, and would further propel Jeunesse into the realm of wellness products.

As a member of the Direct Selling Association of Australia, Ms McVinish said Jeunesse was proving that professionalism, an achievable business model and a high standard of consumer protection certified network marketing as a legitimate and rewarding income opportunity for men and women wanting to work their own hours.

Direct Selling Australia managing director Gillian Stapleton said the industry body represented more than 70 members who used the direct selling channel to connect customers with the product.

“The companies we represent, including Jeunesse, engage with over half a million Australians, and contribute over $1.4 billion to the local economy annually,” Ms Stapleton said. “The industry continues to experience growth, with new companies choosing this business model and international companies entering the market.

“Consultants enjoy the financial freedom, lifestyle, recognition, training and development that direct selling enables them.

“Where traditional nine-to-five jobs limit earning capacity, direct selling offers unlimited opportunity and potential,” Ms Stapleton said.

A 2013 Deloitte study on the social and economic impacts of network marketing found that flexibility was a fundamental reason for becoming a consultant.

Ms McVinish said further evidence for Jeneusse Global’s successful marketing approach came from a 2013 Nielsen survey, Under The Influence: Consumer Trust In Advertising, which reported that 84 percent of consumers said they either ‘completely’ or ‘somewhat’ trust recommendations from family, colleagues and friends about products and services.

“It is little surprise that more people are turning to people they know for product advice and purchasing,” Ms McVinish said.

She believed that, coupled with the rising number of small businesses registering to trade, network marketing was fast becoming a preferred business opportunity for many Australians.

Visit Jeunesse Global website for more info about the products and business opportunity.


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