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Mary Nelson Drops 25 lbs. with ZEN Project 8™

Like many of us, Mary Nelson of Clearwater, Florida, told herself that she’d get serious about losing weight and getting healthy when life calmed down. “I’m a 37-year-old military wife and the mother of three sons: a toddler, a college freshman and a five-year old with autism,” she says. “You’re correct in assuming I have zero sanity left.” Although she had taught cheerleading and fitness classes for many years, Mary’s family demands had taken over her spare time and she hadn’t felt up to working out for quite a while.

“When my youngest turned two, I was still holding on to 25 pounds of baby weight,” shares Mary. “I was worried that this time, it was never coming off. I was still wearing my maternity shorts and I hid my upper body weight by wearing my husband’s T-shirts.”

Mary felt inspired when she attended a Discover Jeunesse event and heard ZEN BODI® testimonials from some “really in-shape seniors” who had overcome weight challenges. “I couldn’t stop thinking that I needed to give ZEN BODI a try.” She jumped into the program and adjusted her eating habits. After losing 10 pounds in eight weeks, she started working out again and gradually lost a few more pounds over the next few months. For the first time in over two years, Mary started teaching a fitness class and enrolled in a strength training class. “I went to COTA in Orlando in November and was thrilled to hear about the ZEN Project 8 program with Mark Macdonald. This sounded exactly like what I needed to lose those last 10 pounds and keep them off, and truly tone up!”

As one of the first people to sign up on the site, Mary was chosen for the ZEN Project 8 trial. This time, her husband James offered to support her during the first week by doing the program with her. “James is in the Coast Guard, and initially he didn’t think his work/deployment schedule would allow for the ‘PFC every 3’ and meal planning,” Mary explains. “Well, after one week, James didn’t want to quit! He had overcome what felt like the hardest part and was so happy with our results that he wanted to continue through the next seven weeks with me! Awesome!”

Zen Bodi works for all ages.

By the end of the 8 weeks, Mary had reached her goal of losing the last of those stubborn 25 pounds of post-pregnancy baby weight! “James’ coworkers are now approaching him on the hangar deck and asking him how he lost weight, and they hover over his delicious food at lunch. Their wives are private messaging me to ask for recipes,” she shares. “The morale is awesome as we watch others becoming more health conscious! Our friends are seeing that they, too, can change their health outlook!”

Mary and James couldn’t be happier with the results of ZEN Project 8, and they’ve recommended it to many friends looking for a way to trim down and tone up. “My fitness level has surpassed where I ever thought possible, and James’ six pack is coming in,” Mary says. “Plus, we’ve grown closer as a couple by doing the 8-week program together. As parents of a child with special needs, this is a big bonus! Huge thanks to Mark Macdonald and the Zen Project 8 family. We couldn’t have done it without you and all the resources you’ve provided!”

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