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5 Ways Your Mobile Device Can Change Your Life

5_ways_your_mobile_device_can_change_your_life_small_Who’s ready to line up at your local Apple Store to get a new iPhone 7? Who cares if it costs an arm and a leg … and an ear and maybe a couple of toes? (Rumored price tag on basic model is just under $700!)Needless to say, we are all attached to our smartphones — for personal and business reasons.

And as we celebrate the opportunity to buy another shiny, new toy, we also thought this would be a great time to review how your smartphone can help your Jeunesse business grow.

1. Your business snapshot in your back (or front) pocket: If you haven’t discovered it by now, our Jmobile™ app can literally be your best friend. It provides you with a quick-look snapshot of your business, as well as messaging and blogs from our corporate headquarters. Want to dive deeper? You can also find campaign metrics, a look at your downline, manage alerts and even sign up a new Distributor or Preferred Customer. And you can do this all while at the grocery store or watching your kid’s soccer practice.

2. Time to be a social butterfly: Let’s see … you love what Jeunesse has to offer. And we are sure you are one of the billions who take to social media every day to share your experiences, whether it’s a movie, new restaurant or sweet deal that no one can miss. And more than 70 percent of this sharing happens on your mobile phone. We all crave recommendations from our friends, but not when they are forced. Use social media to showcase how our product has affected you, not how you can buy it. Show your friends your cool photos (you don’t need to be a pro) or impactful videos (look at my wrinkles disappear!). Don’t worry about selling, as your story will pique the interest of your friends, and the product will sell itself from there.

The great news is, you can handle your business in your palms, 24/7.
The great news is, you can handle your business in your palms, 24/7.

3. Making your case in the palm of your hand: Have someone that is interested in the business, but has a lot of questions? Sometimes it helps to show your friends material from others that makes the opportunity look official. You don’t necessarily need to set up a formal meet-and-greet — simply pull out your phone, open the Jmobile app, and fire up one of the many videos that show a potential Distributor or Preferred Customer how Jeunesse can change their life. You can do this in your dentist’s office (who are we kidding, don’t we all want to get out of there as fast as possible?) or after a PTA meeting. You can make your pitch anywhere.

4. Your Rolodex: Don’t forget that your most powerful tool in recruiting new members of your team is the personal nature of your relationships. Flip through your contacts on your phone. On average, people have between 200–300 contacts. That’s pure gold. Now, don’t go sending a mass text to everyone. But think about who would be the most interested in following the Jeunesse path, and simply ping them. Don’t be pushy, but a text message allows them to answer on their own terms. And, just think, you might have hundreds of potential new business partners in the palm of your hand.

5. Instant gratification: As you build your business and become a leader, your downline will grow exponentially. It’s critical that you are available to those Distributors, as their success will be your success. The ability to connect via text message, Facebook messenger, What’s App, Skype, FaceTime or an old-school phone call allows you to live your life away from the tethers of a computer, but grow your business at the same time.

Our award-winning Jmobile app is a robust tool designed to help you manage and grow your global business. Gain access to a suite of features such as news alerts, lead management, marketing campaigns, event tickets, and much more, available exclusively for Jeunesse Distributors. Download it today on Apple or Android.

If you have not been a Jeunesse partner/distributor, please take moment to learn your opportunity with Jeunesse.

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