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Jeunesse Sign Up Promo for Africa, Singapore, and Malaysia

Promo_1607_Africa_Malaysia_SingaporeFor all Jeunesse lovers in Africa, Malaysia, and Singapore, this is the best time to join the amazing business of Jeunesse, as well as great opportunity for existing members to expand their Jeunesse business. Yess, the sign up fee is only USD 1 !! Check the complete flyers below:

Flyer promo for Africa:


Flyer promo for Singapore and Malaysia:Promo_Jeunesse_Singapore_Malaysia_2016_JUly

It is not the only surprise. As you can see in the flyer, all new members will potentially enjoy more products since the Jeunesse’ most popular supplement, Reserve is also part of the promotion in Singapore and Malaysia. For every new member who sign up with Ambassador package will also get additional 2 boxes of Reserve and for new members who sign up with Jumbo/Supreme package will get 1 box Reserve, for free.

Finally, all uplines will enjoy more travel points from this promo.

The promo period is 01 – 31 July 2016, for Malaysia and Singapore, and for Africa until 01 August 2016. .

How to register into Jeunesse?

In order to become a Jeunesse member or distributor, you only have to fill the online Jeunesse Global Application form. During the registration process you will:

  1. Fill personal data: name, email, bank account number, mobile number,  shipping address, date of birth, etc. Prepare also a unique username and a password to access your personal Jeunesse website,
  2. Choose a membership product package. Package content and price may slightly vary among countries. For serious business partner, we do encourage to choose at least Jumbo Package or Ambassador Package because of the big saving in price and long-term of Sapphire level privilege. Details of package content can be checked before selection,
  3. Pay with Credit Card (or other method available in your country).

After finishing your registration, you will enjoy a full access to your Jeunesse back office (JOffice) completed with an online store and all management tools inside to expand your Jeunesse business.

Click the picture below to sign up Jeunesse from your region,


For more information, visit now: JeunesseGlobal website.

*After the completion of your registration, we will send you additional marketing material as follows:

  1. Welcoming materials to familiarize yourself with Jeunesse, 
  2. Company profile,
  3. Products Booklet,
  4. Compensation Plan,
  5. Other necessary materials to fuel your success with Jeunesse.


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