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Jeunesse 2015’s Sales: $1 BILLION and Beyond!



We’re thrilled to announce that with your hard work, we’ve reached $1 billion in annual global sales for 2015!




In just 6 years, we’ve accomplished something few companies ever achieve — billion dollar annual sales. Jeunesse joins an exclusive group of companies in the direct selling industry to achieve this milestone, and it is the fastest company in the industry to do so.

Achieving this goal has been the direct result of your hard work, professionalism and dedication to the global movement that is Jeunesse! Reaching the annual billion-dollar mark is an extremely fulfilling moment for the entire Jeunesse family. It’s a moment that thousands across the globe have worked so passionately with heart, focus and united vision to make a reality, and we are so proud and appreciative of each and every one of you.

This milestone brings us one step closer to our goal to build a globally recognized multi-billion dollar brand that positively impacts millions of lives around the world.

scott-bgReaching our first billion-dollar year in record time is an important part of our story, but it’s really only the beginning. There are goals yet to achieve and the stage is set for much more success to come!

—Scott Lewis, Chief Visionary Officer


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